Tax and Dog Payment Info

Village of Wittenberg

Property Tax Payment Information


Tax payments should be made directly to the Community Center.  We hope that encouraging residents to come in to the Community Center to pay their taxes will generate a more personal connection between the residents of the Village, Village personnel and the Village Board. You have three convenient options to choose from:


  • Payments can be made in person at the Community Center M-Th 8:00-5:00, Fri. 8:00-12:00noon  – thru January 31, 2018.
  • The mail slot in the entrance at the Community Center is available for 24hr. payment drop off.  (If a receipt is required please include a self addressed stamped envelope)
  • Payments can also be mailed to the Village of Wittenberg, PO Box 331, Wittenberg, WI 54499. (If a receipt is required please include a self addressed stamped envelope)


Notice to All Dog Owners Within the Village of Wittenberg


All dogs 5 months or older require a dog license.  Presentation of a valid Certificate of Rabies Vaccination from a veterinarian is required in order to obtain a dog license.  Please notify your renters that Dog Licenses are due.  Dog licenses are good for one year, beginning January 1, 2018 and can be obtained from Traci Matsche, Clerk/Treasurer.  If you no longer have a dog that was licensed in 2017, please let the Clerk/Treasurer know.  License fees are $10.00 for neutered or spayed dogs, $15.00 for dogs not neutered or spayed.


**NEW THIS YEAR:  Dog payments must either be paid in cash or with a separate check made out to the Village of Wittenberg.  Dog payments will no longer be processed with your taxes.



A late fee of $10.00 shall be assessed for each dog 5 months of age or over who does not have a license by April 1, 2018.  All dogs, 5 months of age or over, must be licensed.  If this occurs after the regular licensing period is over for the year, please contact the clerk to get a license for your dog. An owner who fails to have a dog vaccinated against rabies, as required by Statute, may be required to forfeit not less than $50.00, but not more than $100.00.  In addition to the normal penalties, failure to comply by May 1, 2018, will result in the Sheriff’s Department issuing a citation to the owner. When mailing, please include a copy of your Rabies Certificate of Vaccination and the license fee.  Also, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of your new license and tag.