Village Election Information

All voting for Village of Wittenberg residents is done at the Wittenberg Community Center located at 208 W. Vinal Street.

**Bring your photo ID with you to the polls!!

2024 Elections:


Feb. Primary (if needed)        Feb. 20

Spring Election/Pres. Preference Primary

April 2

Partisan Primary                    Aug. 13

General Election                    Nov. 5








**You can visit anytime to check the status of your registration, update your registration, or register for the first time.  You can also request an absentee ballot on myvote.


Check the County website for all elections results

***Watch for election ads in the Wittenberg Enterprise & Birnamwood News and the Shawano Leader!!  Many of the election ads are run by our County Clerk, and therefore only appear in the Shawano paper.

***Check the Shawano County website for updated election results the following day.


Any questions, call your Village Clerk at 253-6063 or visit the WI Election Commission page at