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While the Wittenberg area has changed over the years and many developments have taken place to enhance the area, one thing remains the same - Wittenberg's park system continues to be an integral part of our quality of life.

Wittenberg is very fortunate to have two parks located in the village and another located in the township.

Washington Park (located downtown Wittenberg on Webb St.)

Pond Park (located on the east side of Wittenberg on Vinal St.)

Panic Park (located north of Wittenberg in the township on Hemlock Rd. going East )

Grab your picnic basket and the kids, and enjoy one of Wittenberg's beautiful parks today!



Wittenberg also has a softball field located at the corner of Mission St. and Chippewa St.


In addition, Wittenberg also has a baseball field located on the south side of Webb St.

Our local young girls softball team and the little league teams utilize the fields along with many local businesses and clubs.

To reserve either of our ball fields, please contact the village clerk at (715) 253-6063.