Township Government

Town of Wittenberg Beginnings

On November 9, 1880 a committee on town organization requested that the Town of Wittenberg be formed. The recommendation went to the County Board of Supervisors of Shawano County and they determined that Townships No. 27 and 28 North of Range

No. 11 East be detached from the Towns of Seneca and Almon and formed into what would be known as the Town of Wittenberg. The first meeting for the election of town officers was held on the first Tuesday in April 1881 at the home of H.H. Westgor.

On November 19, 1881 Town of Wittenberg Supervisors J.R. Cowles and W. Meisner accepted $575 from the Town of Almon for credits that were due to the new Town.

On March 20, 1883 a petition was presented to detach Township 28 Range 11 East from the Town of Wittenberg. The County Board of Supervisors accepted the petition and on April 3, 1883 the first meeting of the Town of Birnamwood was held at the school house in the Village of Birnamwood. The two town boards met on the first Monday of May 1883 at the town clerks office in the Town of Wittenberg to adjust debts and credits.

This is how the Town of Wittenberg exists today, with the exception of the areas that have been annexed to the Village.